At the heart of the gym is ‘Crossfit’ that is a specialised programme to optimise physical competence in ten recognised fitness domains including cardiovascular endurance, strength, stamina and flexibility (click on the CrossFit Chew Valley link above for more information) 

Team Wars
This is a great way to start your weekend!  Working in pairs you complete high intensity, fast paced circuits working together to complete each round as quickly as you can.  The class is full of team spirt and is a great full body workout that will leave you feeling energised and ready for the weekend! 

A high energy, indoor cycling workout designed to raise that pulse rate, burn fat fast and offers you a fantastic cardiovascular workout    

Core/Tone & Condition
Focusing on sculpting your body, improving strength and stamina using a combination of exercises incorporating weights and your own body.  It will leave you feeling tones and buzzing with increased energy


Tribe Box is a mash of boxing and functional fitness brought together in one exciting class. Developed and refined over 20 years to allow complete beginners and hardened athletes to workout together. Community is key and forming a tribe allows us to be accountable to keep consistency. High Intensity, striking, functional and enjoyable

This class is designed to get you moving and feeling great with short periods of intense aerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods.     

Yoga is performed to stimulate, relax and revitalise the mind and body - offering 2 classes each week Hatha Yoga & Dynamic Yoga

Fit for living
Dynamic core, glutes and thighs

Triple C

Cardio, Core, Condition. 60minutes work - Starting with 25min SPIN blast, into a mash up of core specific drills alongside conditioning that will benefit every part of your body. As with all of our classes this class will be suitable for all levels of fitness.


Elevate your fitness levels using Hiit style training, taking your body through different movements, continually pushing you to the next level every session. Perfect with friends and family to help motivate each other.

Gymnastics & Calisthenics

Varied gymnastic and callisthenic class taken by Lydia. Suitable for all levels.
Whether you are a Core, CrossFit member or you fancy going back to your childhood days this class can benefit you.