Name: Michelle McTigue

Joined CFCV: January 2018 *for the 2nd time

Interesting fact about yourself?

I blush very easily

What would be a standard day for Michelle McTigue from waking up to going to bed?

7:00I get up at about 7am and spend 20-30 minutes meditating (I do this every day)

I then help my 7 year old son Felix with breakfast, get ready for school and sort my dog Tarn out (he is a Patterdale terrier)

08:50 I get Felix to school

09:30 I usually attend crossfit 09:30 Monday, Wednesday, Friday

11:30 Walk Tarn – 1 hour

Attend the studio-pottery (2 times per week)

Chores, gardening, food shop,

15:10Pick Felix up from school

15:45Drive Felix to after school activities

17:30Prepare dinner, eat wash up

18:15Help Felix with his homework, piano etc

19:00Help Felix shower, get ready for bed, prepare Felix books etc for next day, bedtime story and snuggle

20:00Felix in bed by 8pm

Chill time, Netflix,

10:30pm Bed


Independent Forensic Examiner

But am now training to be a ceramicist (Potter)


Crossfit especially Olympic weight lifting, ceramics, pottery, woodcraft, walking my dog.

I want to build my own house in the future

How often do you attend the box?

4 times per week

Favourite movement?

Back squat

Worst movement?


Romanian get up? Is that what it’s called? *Turkish get up but close :)


Workout Music?

90’s piano dance music especially the FPI project-Risky is my favourite all time dance tune and reminds me of my raving days at Wigan Pier.

Why should people come to CrossFit Chew Valley?

It is a very welcoming place and people are very encouraging. Each class is different – helps prevent boredom

working out together – try harder than when working out on your own

What message would you give someone starting CrossFit that would help them?

No matter what stick to the ¾ classes per week and don’t compare yourself with others. Focus on your own improvements. Get a note book and write your WOD times, weights down so you can look back and see the improvements over time. I couldn’t do a burpee when I started. I can now do burpees and am now working on increasing the amount I can do in one go.

1 coaching tip that has helped you?

Don’t compare yourself with others focus on yourself and your improvements over time.

If you could invite 3 people round for dinner who would they be?

Chris Martin


Eckharte Tolle

Quote of the day?

Humility is not thinking less about yourself but thinking about yourself less.

Favourite book? 

The Alchemist Paulo Coelho

Best way you have spent £20 in the last few months?

I bought some Tupperware so I can make healthy packed lunches when I travel up North rather than buying food at the service stations.


Thanks Michelle