Finally I can say….Ann-See from My Kind of Yoga is now running classes from JM Fitness! If you are still unconvinced of the amazing benefits of Yoga, the first session is FREE!
Yoga is an excellent complementary session to many workouts and exercises, but especially CrossFit for many reasons.
While yoga may not incorporate the high intensity element of the CrossFit workouts (usually), it does use our bodies in different ways than we may use it on other days in the gym. Today you may be working on the quick movement in the snatch and tomorrow, in your yoga practice, you could be working on shoulder stability in a pose like side plank followed by some intense poses to improve the flexibility in your shoulders that will allow you to properly perform the snatch without injury.
Balance not only means the balance training you receive working in yoga balancing poses. Balance also applies to balancing our workout days with our active rest days.  Balance is finding a meeting point between stretching and strengthening our muscles. Balance is beginning to balance our mind/thoughts. Without this balance we are more prone to injuring ourselves both in body and mind.
At CrossFit, you must always be aware of, and pay close attention to your form.  However, many times because of the quickness of the exercises and the pace of our workouts, we may not be paying attention to how our body feels as we are in the process of moving it.  In your yoga practice we could focus on specific movements, just slower and with awareness.
Here are some more benefits of adding yoga into your CrossFit routine:
·        Increase Flexibility

·        Respiration & Breath Awareness

·        Agility

·        Build Core Strength

·        Injury Prevention

·        Alignment

·        Calm the Mind

·        Reduce Stress

·        Stretch tight and over worked muscles

Classes will run:

Mondays 6:30 – 7:30pm
Wednesdays 6:45-7:45pm & 7:45-8:45pm
Thursdays 7:45pm
And Fridays 10am (starting 18th September)

For members you can upgrade your membership online to include Ann-Sees sessions that offer you an exceptional discount on class prices!

Give it a go!  These classes are for EVERYONE!  Young, old, men and women!

Any queries or questions email