I love to raise a bit of money for a worthy cause, and one charity is particularly close to my heart.
Dave Ward (my hubby) got diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic 2 years ago, and since then i've been trying to raise a bit of cash to help find a cure for this nasty disease…the worst so far was a 22 mile swim in Diabetes UK annual ‘Swim the Channel’ fundraiser - YUK.  I am about as good at swimming as I am at power snatches...just horrendous!!.
Dave is and always has been fitter than most and lived a pretty healthy lifestyle (if not fuelled slightly by Haribo) and during his diagnosis it became apparent that there is an enormous lack of knowledge and understanding of Diabetes, both type 1 and type 2.
I think it’s brilliant that Type 1s are getting fitter with Slade making it into the England Rugby Squad and Sir Steven Redgrave talking about his diagnosis.
Physical training is a huge problem and how to deal with high/low blood sugars whilst doing any type of training is tricky.  We are lucky that Dave has been able to stabilise his sugar levels through diet and exercise extremely quickly with no lasting damage made, but others are not as lucky or as committed to exercise as he is. 
Diabetes will cause leg damage (he nearly had his leg amputated above the knee) it causes blindness (Dave fell victim to this after diagnosis but his vision came back as his control got better) it causes heart disease, various cardiovascular problems, heart problems, anger problems, it clogs up arteries, it makes you lethargic, it stops sleep and makes pretty much everything more difficult and that is just the beginning of a long list of problem it can cause.
It’s a monster of a problem and it changes lives. It changed our life.
To get over this, to the level we are at has been hard and would never have happened if Dave wasn't so strong and determined to be fit.  Recently CrossFit offended the Diabetes community, yet it has done wonders for Dave and for me (the poor thing that has to put up with him getting up every night and eating everything at 3 am, his terrible inability to order any of his prescriptions on time resulting in him running out of whatever it is he needs to keep him alive and kicking and the fact he goes to Crossfit without enough sugar- thank god some CrossFitters come armed with Lemonade and shrimps- you know who you are!!  
This is why I am looking to you guys to help me with my fundraising this year.
The Diabetes research charities such as DiabetesUK are so unbelievably close to coming up with solutions and cures to living with Type 1 Diabetes, with the first successful stem cell transplant taking place recently, resulting in an injection free life for one lucky person!!
Dave has to inject up to 5 times a day, having to do that annoying finger prick test countless times, yet with Google creating glucose level contact lenses (which would prevent any glucose tests at all- the eye is one of the most affected areas when your sugar levels change) and other companies creating insulin inhalers (no more horrid injections, and weird looks in restaurants, or embarrassing moments at the nightclub doors or airport check ins when you have pocket full of needles!!) Funds are running low and people are suffering. Even trying to get decent quality needles is proving tricky these days, but it’s not any Type 1's fault they are 'pancreatically challenged' and they are having to suffer even more due to lack of money and resources, as well being branded a drain on the NHS. Type 2 Diabetes is getting more and more common, yet an education on how to prevent this, using basic exercise and nutrition advice is still no existent.  
….And so 'LIFT UP DIABETES' was born, after Dave went on Jons stag, drank too much, and spent a night awake as his sugars where so high!! Diabetes UK are backing us, which considering the feud between Crossfit and DiabetesUK recently is a huge stepping stone!!
I hope you all come do some wods and give us some cash, and do your bit in helping put an end to this horrid horrible illness :)
More information to follow but it will be a 24 hour WOD type event lol…so keep the date free!
Sara Ward