It has unfortunately taken a little longer than we had hoped BUT it's fantastic news that we now have an official start date as we welcome Ann-See to the team who will now run 'My Kind of Yoga’ out of JM Fitness. 

Derived from over 25 years of yoga training, sport science research, fitness training, personal development and self-study, it is a movement system and loose approach to traditional yoga practice. Everybody is welcome and classes are suitable for all ages and abilities.

I strongly believe there is a huge complementary benefit of adding yoga into any CrossFit routine as the perfect ‘ying’ to your high intensity ‘yang’ and you should all try and attend a class and see for yourself the incredible benefit of these classes to your training. 

Classes will start from Wednesday 5th August and there will be five classes a week.

Monday's 6:30pm

Wednesday 6:45pm & 7:45pm

Thursday 7:45pm

Friday 10am

For more information and if you have any queries or questions regarding the classes and your membership please speak to either Nina or Jon or email