We were delighted to be asked to attend Winford School Fete on Friday 19th June and run an assault course to challenge the kids!

Faced with a cargo net, balance beams, boxes, tyres and ropes amongst other obstacles, every-one who participated gave it their all and the competition to achieve the best time was evident throughout the evening as the children patiently queued for up to 20 minutes at a time to have a go!

The atmosphere was fantastic helped by a beautiful summers evening. 

Thanks for having us!

And finally, we would also a big thank you to Stu Cherrie who partnered Nina for the evening and helped her run up and down with the kids and kept everyone highly motivated! Much appreciated!

We are working on starting kids classes and appreciate your patience!  Please be assured we will have more information soon and those of you that have already expressed an interest in classes will be contacted first and given first refusal on classes. 

Anyone else who is interested please email nina@jmfitnesschewvalley.com with the children’s name and age.