PLEASE ensure you are booked on to every class you are attending! All classes have been added to the system so there is now NO excuse!

We have also decided to implement a 24 hour rule whereby you need to have booked on no later than 24 hours before every class.  This is especially important to the day classes as we approach the summer holidays and child care!!! If no-one is booked on, we can’t guarantee a coach will be available to take the class.

Whilst we do appreciate there are times when last minute you are unable to attend but please ensure you cancel your spot as early as possible if you know you can’t make a class. This is really important for the evening classes that often run with a waiting list so it gives those on the list the chance to come!  Please PLEASE don’t be ‘the no show’ on the board! Continuous offenders will be punished lol! 

Kids and the school holidays
For those of you with school age children, we are fast approaching the six weeks summer holidays. Whilst we fully appreciate on occasions you may need to bring the children with you to the gym, for health and safety purposes please can you ensure this is only done when one of the three coaches are around and that children are always supervised. Please can you also be respectful to other members who maybe using the gym or attending classes and ensure they are sensible at all times. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.