Training…now that really is the easy part! It’s nutrition that plays a key role in your performance and progression. What is it they say..? ‘You can’t out train a bad diet’..isn’t that the truth!

Whilst the word diet (that we HATE) implies the necessity to reduce your food intake and well…starve! We prefer to talk about ‘nutrition’ that to us means a healthy, well balanced lifestyle whereby 70% (roughly) of the time eating healthy, nutritious food and 30% of the time you can relax and basically have a bit of what you fancy!  Don’t be that person rocking in the corner because it’s Auntie Marys 80th Birthday and the chocolate cake has appeared and you daren’t have a slice!!!

Make sure you are getting sufficient carbs, protein and fat in your daily food to fuel your body and maximise its full potential be this to take on the daily challenge of a CrossFit workout or simply going about your daily routine. 

A FANTASTIC way to help you achieve your daily nutritional requirements and maximise your performance is through supplementation. With so many products available on the market it can be a mind field on the best product available.  We believe we have the answer…

Deigned at helping modern athletes achieve their TRUE potential, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Increased Performance Nutrition now available at CrossFit Chew Valley. 

For more information or to order your tub, please speak to one of the coaches.