In January we challenged you to a 1000m in the quickest time possible. 

CONGRATS Tom Tiley you won (after Jon BUT he’ll let you have this one – he said!!!)…completing 1000m in just 3:19 chased by Sid at 3:21! Tom …your prize is on its way!

Great to see one of our newest members Oz Osborne’s name on the board!  Well done!

This month we are challenging you to do as many underhand pull ups as you can in 2 minutes (you can use bands).  When you have completed it, get your name and if you used a band or not on the board! This month there will be two prizes! Come on, everyone have a go…let’s see as many names on the board as we can! Challenge yourself.

You have until February 28th to get you score down!

Good Luck!

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