About JM Fitness Chew Valley
JM Fitness is a 5,500 sq ft, 24/7 fitness playground with ample FREE parking, based at the Old Cattle Market in Chew Valley!

It doesn’t matter what your age, sex, strength or ability we will help achieve your fitness goals with a more interesting and effective approach to fitness than that of a commercial gym in a welcoming, non-intimidating, community centred environment. 


The facility
Whilst we do provide the traditional cardio suite and resistance machines, we also offer you so much more from prowlers to sleds, tyres, ropes, plyo boxes, rigs to kettlebells etc.
Whilst CrossFit remains at the heart of the gym you can find classes in everything from BoxFit to Yoga to junior classes! And you don’t have to be a member, you can PAYG if you would prefer.
We know that deciding where to train is an important decision.  You might ask yourself…Will I feel comfortable training there? What will the people who go there be like? Will I enjoy training?  Is this going to be the right place for me/my goals?  
We whole heartedly believe that the minute you walk through the door and experience what we have to offer and the atmosphere and community spirit, you will find your fitness sanctuary.